Jane A-B

Jane is an Independent English Artist passionate about creating interesting works stemming from her own original style.

Since studying Art at Farnham W.S.C.A.D. (now UCA Farnham) graduating with B.A. (Hons) and the Johnson Wax Travel Award. Jane has subsequently spent her professional life pursuing Art.

She has Accumulated almost 30 years of teaching experience, to the highest level of education including leading A level moderation teams.  All the while continuing to develop her own distinctive original style in a variety of media.

At present Jane now manages her own teaching business, alongside her continued dedication to expressing herself through exploration within her own work as a professional artist.

JaneAB is a family run art rental business dedicated to the works of Jane Ashley-Brian, offering a vast collection of highly individual, colourful and detailed works for corporate rent or purchase. From small handmade prints to wall-sized canvases we provide a wide selection of sizes and styles in a variety of media to suit any home or work space.


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