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Expansive Spring

Oil on canvas with gold leaf  – Expansive Spring – 2017

Observations from walking around Thedden, Hampshire in early Spring. Noticing colours, textures, growth and radiating warmth of early sunshine whilst experiencing a gentle breeze.  The promising warm light radiating out from the week sun is expressed with gold leaf. Light greys, soft blues, pale yellows with ochre washes are indicative of the English sky merging out of winter. The sky circulates against the strong horizontal structure exploring the idea of spring light touching the whole earth desperate for regrowth.  The architectural element of a bare tree bleak without future leaves is seen in front of scuttling grey clouds and rooted in the undulating fields worn out and pitted by winter weather.  The emergence of young growth is described by differing tones of green.   Fading shadows in the foreground indicate other tree forms further away and help illustrate the sense of movement and effect of weak spring light.

Size Unframed – 48″ height x 60 width” (123 cm x 152 cm)

Size Framed – Approx 53″ height x 66″ width (135 cm x 168 cm)

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