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Mixed Media on Canvas – Precision – 2014

(Inks, dyes, luminous paint, gold leaf & permanent pen and ink.)

The continued fascination of creating order out of chaotically applied marks.  A rich warm use of colour of yellows and oranges were applied as washes, building up the surface, allowing a more intense bright under-layer. A base contrasted through the drip marks of intense dark red. Two strong horizontal lines separate the free-flowing rhythm. Edges of the line darken to allow the strip to breathe its clean soft light. Geometric lines applied in white permanent pen and ink weave throughout the linear strip, occasionally interspersed by gold leaf and foil clusters, details that echo thoughts of balance and precision.

The piece will glow slightly in dark areas or in low light at night.

Size Unframed – 48″ height x 72″ width (122 cm x 183 cm)

Size Framed – Approx 53″ height x 77″ wide (135 cm x 196 cm)

Currently: Availablelarge orange glow 1 large orange glow 2 large orange glow detail 3Gamma refraction Precision

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