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Spring Break

Mixed Media on Canvas – Spring Break 2018 

(Dyes, acrylic, luminous paint, pen & ink)

Reflections of the ethereal, magical quiet of emerging spring as the still cold earth and bare trees create wide horizon views.  Mixed media response to observing the first growth of promised blue bells fighting through the icy clutches of a lingering winter. Layers of cool blues mix with gentle warm lilacs, illustrating the winter chill with the beginnings of slowly warming temperatures.  White and dark bare tree forms frame small painted fresh greens illustrating the emerging first growth of spring. 

Size Unframed  – 48″ height x 60″ width (152 cm x 122 cm)

Size Framed – Approx  53″ height x 66″ width (135 cm x 168 cm)

Currently – Available

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